New version of quantum levitation
  New version of quantum levitation Annotation The author of the article did not encounter a single source on the Meissner-Oxenfeld effect, where the version that this effect is explained by the presence of eddy currents in superconducting ceramics would be questioned. But, in the opinion of the author of the article, ceramics in such a state are surrounded by such gravitational fields, which, when cooled, turn into gravimagnetic fields, which, together with the gravimagnetic fields of the Earth, pull all the magnetic fields from the ceramics body.   Our hypothesis According to our hypothesis, two bodies are attracted to each other by gravitational fields formed by two flows of gravitons with opposite polarization, where the opposite is determined by the fact that the magnetic induction of gravitons is polarized south-north to the center of each of the gravitating bodies. Moreover, the magnetic induction of gravitons serving the magnetic properties of bodies, is incomparably greater than the magnetic induction of gravitons serving the gravitational interactions. This is explained by the fact that gravitons are the mini-vortex of ether, and in magnetic interactions the density of ether in their vortices is incomparably greater than the density of ether in gravitons serving the gravitational interactions. And accordingly, the volume of gravitons serving the magnetic properties of bodies is incomparably smaller than the volume of gravitons serving gravitational interactions. The gravitational fields of bodies extend not only around the bodies themselves, but also inside them: up to each molecule and to each domain. When a superconducting ceramics is cooled at a critical temperature, its gravitational field, both external and internal, as well as the gravitational field of the Earth adjacent to the ceramic, and cooling along with it, are converted (due to an increase in ether density in gravitons and a decrease in their volume) into a magnetic field. All these fields ar ... Read more

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New version of quantum levitation

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