Ukraine's relations with the USA are known to be a highly important element of its external policy both politically and economically. It was in no way accidental that Ukraine declared their strategic character. In the present-day world with the Unites States actually representing the sole center of attraction, the majority of nations of the world view the relations with this country more or less as such. The USA is the fifth biggest our importer and the fourth biggest exporter to this country. At the same time, according to the US data, Ukraine is only the sixty-eighth among the USA's 200 trade partners. Hence, the extent of influence of mutual exchange between the countries on the economy of each other is different, with Ukraine being incomparably more interested in improving economic relations with the USA. The study of dynamics of the recent trade relations between Ukraine and the USA shows a certain trend of growing Ukrainian export with concurrent stabilization or even reduction of import volumes during some of the years. The Ukrainian goods export to the USA peaked in 2000 and the fact stipulated growth of positive balance of mutual trade in favor of Ukraine (see fig. 1). The analysis of the Ukrainian export to the USA and import from that country effected during the recent years demonstrated definite instability in the change of indicated activities (see Table 1). From 1996 to 2001 the volume of the foreign trade turnover of Ukraine with the USA had risen by almost 57% with the growth rate for export outpacing the one for import (correspondingly, 162.5% and 152.9%) (fig. 1). Ukraine benefited from the six-year positive trade balance with the USA. In 2001, however, the yearly 11% decline in Ukrainian export to the US market was observed again. Hence, the conclusion from the analysis could be made: Ukraine has no stable outlets for its goods in the USA, with its export depending on the current market conditions and, especially, on the policy of the U. S. Ad ... Читать далее

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Россия Онлайн
Москва, Russia
03.12.2021 (53 days ago)
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