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Author(s) of the publication: Gennady UFIMTSEV

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by Gennady UFIMTSEV, Dr. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral.), Institute of the Earth Crust, RAS SB

If one goes from Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, to the south, he will soon see piedmont ridges-adyrs, which become higher and higher while moving to the Tien Shan mountains. On the highest ridge you can see the so-called "mountain nest"- a group of special purpose buildings located on different levels, from 500 m over the Alamedin River flowing below.

стр. 82

International Geodynamic Testing Site - the Russian Academy of Sciences scientific station-is located there. Established in 1978, owing to the active work of the then management of the Institute of High Temperatures (Moscow), today it is an independent unit under the RAS Geoscience Branch and is its only subdivision in the Central Asia, preserved after the collapse of the USSR. Such tenaciousness is probably one of the most attractive features of this work team, inviting scientists from all over the world to cooperate.

Way back in 1983 - 1989, testing site specialists carried out unique experiments on electromagnetic sounding of the Earth crust involving magnetohydrodynamic generators. Perhaps, such a successful start determined its further activities and a uniting role in the studies of the deep-laid structure, tectonics, and geodynamics of the Inner Asia. It is exactly there that long electromagnetic observations were performed, and now current movements of the planet surface are under study. Scientists of many countries are showing interest in these works, and strive to join in them. Developed scientific and economic system of the station opens up all opportunities for them.

I visited the "mountain nest" near the Kirghiz ridge thrice, as a result of which I have shaped my own attitude

стр. 83

towards the center and the people, working there. The impressions of adyrs in the north, seen from the window early in the morning, are unforgettable. They remind one of the water-color drawings by Maximilian Voloshin. And in the south - the peaks of the Kirghiz mountain ridge at dawn by Nikolai Rerikh and Semyon Chuikov*. Here, in this enchanting place, the well coordinated scientific work is being carried out.

Station buildings are surrounded with flower beds-splendid wine-colored velvet roses everywhere. The staircase to the conference hall is a real masterpiece. It is covered with landscape marble plates, and one can make out local mountain landscapes on them. One such "picture" on one of the steps depicts a mid-ocean ridge, a drawing the authors of works on geodynamics could envy...

It is worth mentioning that geodynamics and geoecology of intercontinental mountainous areas are the main fields of scientific work of the testing site. Its employees examine deep structure of the Tien Shan and Inner Asia in general, contemporary tectonic movements, etc. Besides, they are engaged in international projects (owing to the accumulated transport fleet and scientific equipment, developed infrastructure), organize international scientific conferences.

These conferences are used to exchange information and are carried out literally within the research object: the Chuisk Depression on one side, on the other side - the Kirghiz Mountain Ridge, and a great variety of adyrs all around. On the left bank of the Alamedin they include the inversively raised small Chonkurchak depression, revealing all possible seismic forms and mass shifts of friable deposits on the Earth's surface. It is not accidental that on the basis of the results of the studies, a bulky monograph has been published recently; it sums up the work of many years related to "young" tectonic

* Maximilian Voloshin (1877 - 1932) - poet and water-color painter; Nikolai Rerikh (1874 - 1947) - painter, archeologist, writer, initiator of the movement to protect cultural monuments; Semyon Chuikov (1902 - 1980) - painter, acting member of the USSR Academy of Arts, author of genre drawings and landscapes, devoted to Kirghizia and India. - Ed.

стр. 84

and geodynamic processes of Tien Shan, -"Contemporary Geodynamics of Regions of Intracontinental Collision Mountain Formation. Central Asia" (edited by N. Laverov, V. Makarov, Moscow, Nauchny Mir Publishers, 2005).

The International Geodynamic Testing Site has contributed a lot to maintain collaboration between Russian and Kyrghiz scientists. Anyway, we are united by a common culture, and science is one of its obligatory components. That is why the RAS outpost in the Alamedin River valley is of the same significance as the Kyrghiz-Russian Slavic University in Bishkek, where students and teachers from both countries study and work. Perhaps, this institution is the most popular among local youth.

Although the scientific station is located high in the mountains, the scientists there are preparing to carry out studies under the international project of a detailed deep seismic sounding of the Tien Shan mineral wealth. It will require considerable funds and additional specialists. I hope to visit this "mountain nest" again as I'm sure it will be a great emotional and scientific experience.



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