In the article published in the Nauka v Sibiri newspaper devoted to a recent discovery of a rock temple made by the Novosibirsk scientists in the mountains of the Northern Khakasia, V. Larichev, Dr. Sc. (Hist.) (SB RAS Institute of Archeology and Ethnography), mentioned Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who believed that the source of an ineradicable human passion for cognition lies in the ability to be surprised. Indeed, people observed movement of stars, rising and setting of the Sun and the Moon, were astonished by these extraterrestrial phenomena and tried to explain them. The same was felt by our contemporaries-archeologists who discovered a huge figure of the Universe structure which matched the beliefs of all Indo-Europeans, inhabitants of the territory from Britain to Hindustan (2nd - 1st century B. C.), i. e. the long-sought mythic World Egg. Nothing of the sort was ever found before either in Central Asia, Middle East, India, or especially Siberia. An ancient artist carved out a stand-up oval well rounded from above and slightly wedge-shaped from below, with a multilayer "yolk" inside. It was precisely that model of the Universe which the first European cosmologist Greek Anaximander (c. 610 - after 547 B. C.) took into consideration. In turn, he is believed to borrow this scheme from the Zoroastrian priests of Iran and Asia Minor (disciples of the prophet and reformer of the ancient Persian religion Zoroaster who lived in the period from the 10th to the first half of the 6th century B. C.). The perimeter (shell) of the egg embodies the solid starry heaven; three circles inside (yolk) are orbits of the Sun, the Moon, and other planets. Inside the oval one can distinguish details, which were not described by the ancient astronomer (or the data were lost) - some drawings, including the image of a scorpion with an upturned tail, the picture being in a rather good state as compared with other pictures. There is no doubt that circularly located ... Read more

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