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Acad. Boris Sokolov: "Even among the most competent and well-known geologists of Moscow Yanshin was a standout by virtue of his prodigal interests, depth of research and singularity of views... Yanshin was at home in any field of geology."

Dr. Vladimir Kholodov, chief research scientist of the RAS Institute of Geology: "...Tall, of athletic build, he carried away his audiences by his artistic manners. His delivery was perfect in style, and his body language was in striking harmony with his message... His great erudition was even more imposing... The audiences felt instinctively they had good luck to come in touch with an immense mountain of work done."

Acad. Eric Galimov: "Yanshin is one of the brightest heights of our classical geology... Related to his name... are the discoveries of major deposits of phosphorites and potassium chlorates first in Kazakhstan and then in Siberia... Turning to a job at hand at its very base, he always moved as far as its summit...

Geologic surveying was yet another line of his activities from the very start... What is it? Now, you should learn about the geological structure of a territory where you are... One ought to be a great know-all to be able to do that--to feel nature and understand how it works so as to piece together a few bits of fragmentary evidence into a coherent picture... just imagine the scope of a scientist who could apply geologic surveys to the southern Urals, Western Kazakhstan, and the Volga region. This is a vast territory. Its past has been restored to us by Yanshin, by his hands and thought.

Extending his know-how to global problems, Yanshin called attention to the fact that tectonic activity on our planet does not occur simultaneously here and there. He was the first to show that sea transgression (expansion) on one continent is accompanied by regression (fallback) on another one. In other words, this phenomenon is not related to the level of the world ocean, it is but the result of vertical movements taking in large regions..."

стр. 59

Acad. Guri Marchuk, President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1986 to 1991: "Alexander Leonidovich Yanshin is a unique phenomenon in the earth sciences. His life was an exploit in the name of society... His range of interests was staggering indeed: from geology and geophysics on to ecology, history and belles-lettres. It was quite natural for Yanshin to publicize Acad. Vladimir Vernadsky's rich scientific heritage. He played a great role in setting up the Vernadsky museum in Moscow, he was editor-in-chief of the academic edition of the works of the great scientist. Vernadsky's heritage must have spurred his ecological activities... One must have extraordinary courage to take up the cudgels for a righteous cause--resolutely, uncompromisingly--against those 'in the high places' vindicating their judgement as well."

Acad. Gleb Dobrovolsky: "Yanshin showed enormous responsibility with regard to ecocidal projects... His knowledge and authority were needed to seal the future of Lake Baikal--the world's unique landlocked sea with immense reserves of the most pure fresh water..."

Viktor Danilov-Danilyan, RAS Corresponding Member: "Indifference to socially significant problems was utterly alien to him. He was shocked by instances like that."

Acad. Viktor Hain: "He had... wonderful memory and outstanding eloquence; most important of all, he was modest and well-wishing to all those who sought his advice and assistance."

Acad. Yuri Pusharovsky: "A passion for science appears to be the most salient trait of his. When passion goes along with talent, this is a warranty of great success. If we add exceptional memory and great capacity for work, we get something phenomenal..."

From the book "Academician Alexander Leonidovich Yanshin" (M.: Nauka, 2005)

Illustrations from Nauka Publishers archives


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